Introducing Georgie Alex, the Hampshire-bred singer-songwriter making waves in the world of liquid drum and bass. From the picturesque landscapes of Hampshire, Georgie Alex’s music effortlessly merges her idyllic roots with the rhythms of modern drum and bass.

While she is deepening her understanding of Music Technology at Winchester University, Georgie is crafting a soundscape that has earned her a special place in the hearts of music fans across the South of the UK, with her music already featured on BBC Music Introducing. 

Georgie Alex's collaborations are a testament to her versatility and magnetic pull in the music industry. Teaming up with artists such as Mowgli IRL, Tommy Brown and Diamondback Kid, they are collectively creating tracks that are both atmospheric and dance-inducing. As a pivotal member of the celebrated band, South Coast Ghosts, her solo ventures are where her unique sonic signature truly shines, drawing liquid DnB aficionados from Southampton to Portsmouth. 

Set to continue mesmerising audiences with her deep, flowing rhythms, Georgie Alex has already smashed sets at the likes of Victorious Festival. As she continues her ascent in the liquid drum and bass scene, it's evident that for Georgie she will keep going from strength to strength.

Georgie's debut single 'H8 Me' featuring Mowgli IRL is due to get the dancefloor popping off.

For press inquiries, bookings, or more about Georgie Alex's journey, please get in touch at Stay connected and follow her latest updates on Instagram at @georgiee.xxo